Why I’ve moved from the Sapphire strip club to The Roxy

Posted February 03, 2018 08:00:57I’ve spent the last year in the Sydney CBD and I’ve been to more strip clubs than I can remember.

There’s a huge difference between the Sydney strip and the Perth Roxy. 

I’m not trying to pick on any one club, but there are many that I haven’t been to yet.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely go to the Perth roxy, and the Sydney Strip if you’re interested in the nightlife in Sydney.1.

The nightlife is fantasticIt’s not hard to see why the Perth and Sydney rinks are so great.

The clubs are crowded and the crowds are huge, and there are lots of great venues to enjoy.

The nights are all over the place, and I love the variety.

The Roxy at the Central Hotel is always packed, with thousands of people attending, and its always a good night to check out the bands and DJs. 

There are plenty of other great venues too, like The Big House, The Rooftop, and The Bachelorette Bar.2.

The Sydney Strip is more open than the PerthRoxyAs I mentioned above, the Sydney is always more open, and it is more diverse than Perth.

I’ve seen a lot of locals from all walks of life there, and they are friendly and fun to meet.

There is also a lot more of a mix of ethnic groups in the Perth area. 

The Roo, at the heart of the strip, is one of the best bars in the CBD. 

At night it is full of people who want to dance to the music, and that’s a great way to unwind. 


The Rodeo is a great venueThe Rodeos is one I’ve visited in Perth before.

The venue is really great, and if you want to party the night away, you’ll be fine. 

However, if you just want to chill out and watch the sights, it’s not as great. 

It’s also the best spot to get your eyes checked up for tattoo removal, so make sure you take a break if you do.4.

The Perth Roo is more laid backThe Perth Rodeoe is a smaller venue, but the vibe is the same.

You will definitely see lots of people at the venue, and you’ll always have a cool bar atmosphere. 


There are more places to go at nightIt’s easy to see how some people would want to move to the CBD, but for me, it has a lot to offer.

Perth has a large nightlife scene and there is a lot happening in the area.

So, if I’m in the city, it is always good to go out and party, and get to know people. 

If you are a casual traveller and you want some great nightlife to check it out, then you will love the Perth’s Roxy and the Roxy is always a great night out.6.

You get to spend time with friends and familyYou are not just in the club all night long, you can spend some time with family and friends.

The people you hang out with are just as amazing and fun as you are. 

When you are on a date, I always ask my date if they’d like to go on a “dinner out”. 

If they say yes, I ask if they would like to spend some quality time with their friends. 

My date and I go out at least once a week, and then we go to another venue.

It’s a good time to talk to other people and get some free time with people who aren’t as into bars. 


The weather is much betterThere are always nice nights out on the city’s north shore, and when you are in the north shore it is a beautiful place to be.

I love it. 

But, if there is no summer, there are always great days out in the suburbs. 

Sunshine is great, the weather is great and there’s plenty of food and fun going on. 8.

There really are no limitsWhen you want a great time and a good vibe, there really are not any limits.

I think the best thing about having a night out is the people.

I’m a bit of a social butterfly, and usually have a good friend to go to. 

They are always welcoming and they can be a great social group.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like to be surrounded by people, then I would suggest you head out to another club or club, or to the suburbs and relax. 


The city is full and livelyThis is a good thing.

Perth is a very diverse city, and so is the area around it.

The roxy is just a good place to get some good entertainment and socialising.

There are lots to do, from arts and crafts to arts and social events, and

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