When does a club visit a golf club?

In the early hours of Tuesday, members of the club Pilates Club in North Charleston, South Carolina, were awakened by the sound of someone knocking at their door.

It was a club member, and they rushed out of their club, not realizing that someone had entered.

As the club members opened the door, they saw that a man had been shot.

The victim, who was pronounced dead at the scene, was not in uniform.

“It was just a scary, scary, crazy moment, but it was also a lot of fun,” Pilates club member Chris Brown said.

“I’ve seen people get shot at here and people get murdered, but this was so much fun.”

Pilates is the oldest club in Charleston, a member said.

Members of the Pilates Society in the city say they are shocked and saddened by the incident.

“Our first instinct is to be kind, and that’s all we’re going to do,” Pilate club member Taryn Williams said.

The club is now offering the victim’s body to the Charleston City Fire Department for a post-mortem.

Brown said he doesn’t think the victim was armed, but he does know that he was shot because of his color.

“The man was not wearing a mask, but we’re still learning how he was able to get shot,” Brown said, adding that the club is not affiliated with the Charleston police department.

“We are a peaceful club.

We’re not going to tolerate anyone that doesn’t respect us.”

The Charleston police have not confirmed whether the victim is black or white.

“This is a tragic loss for our community and for the city of Charleston,” Police Chief Al Thomas said in a statement.

“Anytime we see an incident like this we are deeply saddened.

I ask that our community work with police and local officials to identify the shooter.”

Williams said she has already heard about a number of shootings of African-American people in the area over the past year.

“My biggest fear is that we’ll never be able to be the safest place in America, and this is why we’re here,” she said.

Brown told ABC News that there was not a single white person at the club.

“There’s no reason for a white person to be here,” Brown added.

“If a black person is here, they have a chance of being able to enjoy this club.”

Pilate has been in business since 1868.

In addition to being a Pilates society, Pilates was also founded in 1863 as a golf course.

The group has more than 60 members.

“That was a great club,” Brown remembered.

“A lot of people were here.

They just weren’t allowed to go into it.

They didn’t go out there.”

The Pilates golf club is located at 1090 N. High St., Charleston, S.C. It is closed.

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