What to know about the casino in Miami Club

The casino in a former Miami Beach nightclub has been listed for sale, and some Miami-area residents are calling for a casino there.

The Miami-based gaming company, called Gaming Paradise, has posted the listing on its website for $5 million, with an asking price of $10 million.

It is also asking for $4 million in escrow.

“We’re still working on a final bid,” said David Breslow, the president and CEO of Gaming Paradise.

He said that the firm would not release any other details about the deal.

Breslow said the casino would be a “very different” version of the original, but would be “quite a different experience.”

The casino would also feature a bar and a nightclub, he said.

“The idea of this is to bring a more intimate experience into the casino,” he said, adding that it was a matter of keeping the price in line with what other casinos in Florida were offering.

The listing does not specify the price, and it is unclear whether the company plans to open the casino as planned in the city where it is located.

The site, which was once a music venue, is just off the Miami Beach strip.

Gaming Paradise’s website says it was established in 2012 by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Breslo said that Adelson “has a deep interest in bringing casino gambling to Miami.”

He added that Adelsons daughter, Miriam, is a partner in the company.

The company also lists two other Miami Beach properties that are part of a $20 million deal with MGM Resorts International to build a $300 million resort on the site of the former nightclub, called The Miami Club.

The Miami Club is owned by Adelson, his daughter Miriam and their two sons, and is part of the resort’s plans to build its own hotel.

Belslo said the resort would not be a casino, but the resort and its property would be the site for a “much more upscale casino.”

The resort, with a capacity of more than 1,000 people, was closed in October when Adelson’s company was purchased by MGM Resort International.

A year later, the resort reopened.

Adelson, who owns a stake in the resort, has not said whether he would reopen the club.

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