Trump says he’ll sue over $2 billion in damages for the sexual harassment of women

President Donald Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he will sue for at least $2.7 billion in civil damages against a network that he accused of sexual harassment.

The president made the comments in a conversation with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who reported that the president was “willing to go to any length” to bring down his network, which was in the midst of a massive lawsuit from former host Bill O’Reilly.

The lawsuit, filed in New York state court in January by O’Brien, a former Fox News anchor, alleged that the network sexually harassed women and pushed its ratings.

O’Brien was fired in June after a settlement was reached.

In the interview, Trump said the settlement had been reached, but that he “really want[s] to go after [the network].”

“I’m a big believer in getting it right, I’m a little bit of a fan of suing people,” he said.

“But I’m going to do it, and we’ll see what happens.”

Kelly, who was asked about Trump’s remarks on the Fox News interview, said Trump was willing to go “any length” in bringing down his own network.

She said she would be willing to bring it to court if he wanted to do so, but would not comment on the president’s statement.

Overemphasizing the importance of having an adversarial relationship with the press, Trump also said he would like to be “the kind of president that gets out of the way, doesn’t talk to everybody, doesn [have] any of that.”

The president has faced a barrage of criticism from members of the press and civil rights groups over his treatment of women since the New York Times revealed that he had allegedly groped a married woman in 2003.

In response to the accusations, Trump released a series of tweets Monday slamming the New Yorker as “totally biased” and accusing the reporter of lying about the events.

Oriana Eunjung Sin, a lawyer for O’Donnell, said Tuesday that she would not be able to comment on whether Trump would sue.

“I can’t comment on a private matter, but I can say that I’m happy that we have an independent, nonpartisan media, where the press is not allowed to be paid to defame the president and attack the president,” Sin said.

“I’m happy to see Mr. Trump continue to use the press as a tool to expose his lies.”

O’Donnell’s lawyer, Alan Garten, said in a statement that Trump’s comments “raise a legitimate question of whether there is a legal right to an independent media.”

Ollie Northrup, a spokesman for the Trump Organization, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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