“Suffolk’s Only” Season Premiere: ‘Suffolks Only’ premieres October 15 on MTV News!

The season premiere of “Sufferings Only” is set to debut October 15, 2018, on MTV.

The hour-long, 60-minute program is produced by the network’s “WWE, FX, and Disney Channel” team and features original programming and new stories about social issues.

“Suffle Down” creator/executive producer John Travolta and executive producer Chris Kresser, who are both based in London, are behind the new project, which follows the lives of six homeless men in the New York City area and the challenges they face.

“The story is about a very specific time in history in the U.K. when there was a really real problem of homelessness and it became a real problem with a social stigma,” said Kressers co-executive producers John Cazalski and Matthew S. Gee, in a press release.

“This show has to be about the struggle of trying to be a homeless person, and the story is that the people who are in the middle, and especially the people in the inner-city areas, they’re struggling with it the hardest, because they don’t know where to turn,” said Travolts co-producer.

“It’s about trying to find something in life that will make you feel good and it has to work for you.”

“Suspended” writer/director Scott Rudin is behind the first season of the new series, which he created for “The Office.”

He and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” co-creator Brian Koppelman are the executive producers.

The program is directed by the Emmy Award-winning director of the series, David Yurman.

The episode will air on MTV, and will be the second episode of the season.

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