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Which Korold Fighter is Your Favorite?

Korolds are known for being a tough fighter, and the Kobold Fighters series has brought the Kobo clan a lot of respect over the years.The series focuses on a young kobolds named Korold, who is one of the few kobolding with an edge and is able to take on opponents

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What if the NBA didn’t have salary caps?

If the NBA doesn’t change the way it pays its players to keep the game competitive, it would have to change its salary cap system.The NBA says it doesn’t have a cap on the salaries of players, but if the league is going to make its players more money, it

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Dallas buyers club wins $1.8m in auction

Dallas buyers group has won $1m in a bidding war for a home in the Dallas suburb of Glenwood Springs.The group was looking to sell at auction for $1,000,000 after winning an $80,000 federal loan in 2015, the Dallas Morning News reported.The property is owned by the Dallas Buyers Club.The

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Celtic face Aberdeen in a friendly

Celtic face a Aberdeen side who are unbeaten in their last seven games in the Scottish Premiership.In the last game of the season, the Hibs beat Celtic 2-0 to secure their maiden promotion. The Ross County side were also in action in October, winning 4-0 at Celtic Park.In terms of results,

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How to break into golf clubs

The most common ways to get into golf courses are to use the golf club as a cane or to use a cane.The cane allows you to swing the club without having to step on the turf.But the most common way to break in a golf club is to use

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NFL players’ Twitter history as it relates to sexual assault

With the release of the NFL’s annual “Year in Review” video last week, NFL players have been forced to talk about how much they’ve been affected by sexual assault on the field and in the locker room.In the video, players are asked about how many women they’ve had to fight

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Japan’s spa club gets its own TV channel

Sojo Spa Club has been acquired by an online TV service for a one-off fee of 500,000 yen ($48,000).The Japanese spa company, which has an annual turnover of ¥3.5 billion ($4.7 billion), said in a statement that the deal was announced at the company’s annual shareholders meeting last week.The spa’s

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How to wear combat boots to a fight

If you’re looking to wear a combat boot during a fight, you might be better off avoiding the fight altogether.While combat boots are the perfect accessory for the fight-weary, they’re not a necessity, according to a study published in The Journal of Combat Sports and Research.“It’s actually a really great

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