Rockstar social clubs take aim at ‘brazen’ online harassment

Rockstar has taken the social club industry to court in Australia, accusing one of its Australian customers of “brazen” online harassment.

Key points:The Australian Federal Police has asked a Queensland court to order the online gaming company to pay $15,000 in legal fees and penaltiesThe company said it would respond to the complaint within 10 daysRockstar has lodged a defamation lawsuit against the customer, accusing him of posting “bogus” allegations about the social game company.

The company says the person is a former employee of Rockstar and that it is “fully cooperating with the AFP investigation”.

Rockstar is seeking a declaration that the person was entitled to a reasonable degree of privacy and anonymity and the court has been told that he did not breach any laws.

The man, who does not wish to be named, told the ABC that he was a former Rockstar employee and that he had worked in Rockstar’s Brisbane office since July 2013.

“I didn’t realise it was a matter of years ago but it’s a long time ago,” he said.

“The last thing I thought of was Rockstar but now I’m not sure I want to be associated with them.”

It’s just been a crazy year.

“Rockstar said it was disappointed by the “bizarre” behaviour of the former employee.”

This case has been filed in Queensland court with the intention of getting money from Rockstar for legal fees,” the company said in a statement.”

We are committed to being fair and to our customers.

“Rockstar will respond to this case within 10 day and if the court grants a preliminary injunction we will appeal against that decision.”

The company’s response was made public in response to a request by the AFP to compel Rockstar to appear in court.

The AFP said it had received a complaint from the man about alleged “bribery and intimidation” in relation to Rockstar, which included allegations that he and his wife had been the subject of a series of “false, misleading, or false” allegations.

Rockstar’s statement said the alleged victim had been “repeatedly lied to” about the nature of his relationship with the company and had repeatedly contacted the company to report a series and “dramatic” changes to the company’s management.

RockStar said the company would “respond to this matter within 10-day’s time” and that “any further correspondence from RockStar regarding this matter will be handled by our lawyers”.

RockStar is also suing the former customer for defamation.

“Mr [the man] did not take part in any of the activities of RockStar’s Brisbane operation, but his allegations were, and remain, baseless and defamatory,” the statement said.

Rockster said it believed the allegations against the man “were not true”.

Rockeradis also said that Rockstar had taken the matter to the Queensland courts.

“At this time Rockstar does not believe that this matter has any merit in Queensland courts,” it said.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is also conducting a probe into the matter.

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