How to type in your favourite book and its titles using the keyboard of your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

You can type in anything in your Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and get an awesome typing experience without having to type out an entire book, according to a new report from the company.

As of the end of the year, Apple had over 2.7 million keyboard shortcuts available in the app.

But this new report shows how you can type words and phrases without having the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus’s keyboard open up and giving you a blank slate.

Apple’s keyboard shortcuts for typing with the iPhone6S and 6S plusThe app was originally launched in 2014, but Apple changed the app’s layout and features in 2016.

The app now uses a slightly different interface with the keyboard open, which means that typing in words and phrase will take a little more effort.

To use Apple’s keyboard, simply select the word you want to type and hold down the home button.

From there, you can click the arrow icon on the top right corner of the keyboard to toggle the app into a word search.

The keyboard will search for the words you type and will highlight the first one you find, giving you the opportunity to type any word you see.

You can then drag the arrow to select a new word and type it in.

Apple has made the keyboard shortcut for its iPhone 6 and 6+ a simple “shift + space bar” gesture.

You’ll find it at the top of the app and it’s a bit smaller than the shift key, so it’s easy to reach, especially if you’re using a tablet.

To get started typing, simply hold down your home button and drag the mouse pointer towards your keyboard.

The phone will scroll forward to show the words that are currently being typed and then let you move your finger around to choose the next word.

You can drag a word to a different word in the dictionary using the menu on the left, and you can also choose to type it directly from the keyboard.

It’s important to note that Apple has added this feature to help you type longer sentences or to help people find the right words for you.

While Apple has made a few changes to the app to make typing easier, you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for words in the new interface.

Apple has also added a new section called the “Keyboard Shortcuts” to let you type with the words and sentence you want in the search.

While typing with an iPhone6s or 6s plus doesn’t require the iPhone to be open, typing with a keyboard on an iPhone 6 Plus is more complicated because the app doesn’t support typing in full text, only the word list.

If you type in a sentence with the full word list, it’ll take a lot longer to type than if you just type in the full list.

However, if you type the word “apple”, the app will let you know that you’re in the correct language and then start typing in the word.

In the words search, you’ll find the option to type the full phrase, and Apple will then show you a word list to help type the correct word.

It’ll then ask you to type one or more characters in the exact order you want.

For example, if I type “apple,apple,” the app says “apple,” then “apple” then “mango.”

If you don’t want to wait for Apple to type everything right before typing, you have the option of using the dictionary, which will let the app help you learn how to type.

The dictionary will show you the full words you want and you’ll also be able to see which word is highlighted by Apple’s software.

The new dictionary will give you an option to click on the “Learn more” button to see a list of all the words in your dictionary.

You won’t need to use the dictionary in the first place because it’ll let you search by the word that’s highlighted in the list.

Apple said the dictionary will be “the best way to type” when it comes to learning to type with your iPhone.

You’ll find some key words in this new dictionary like “apple (apple), apple,apple,mango,mangrove,” “apple apple,” “Apple,” “frost,” “mauve,” and “blue.”

Apple also said that the dictionary can help you remember the meaning of the words as you type them, so you can remember the correct pronunciation and can remember your favorite phrases.

You’re not limited to only typing in one word, though.

You also can type a whole sentence or even whole paragraphs of text using the new dictionary.

Apple will highlight sentences that you type using the full sentence.

You don’t have any need to type sentences in full because the dictionary lets you choose the sentence type.

Apple added a feature in iOS 11 called the Keychain, which lets you create a dictionary from your favorite words.

When you tap the word, you will see a small icon that lets you

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