How to avoid the ‘hat club’ scandal

Houston’s hat club has been rocked by allegations that it hosts a number of prostitution parties and prostitution ring-leaders, as well as having a number on the premises that have been selling drugs and other illicit items.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) has confirmed that officers raided the establishment at 3109 Westheimer, in the city’s west, in early April.

The HPD said that the establishment had been known for selling drugs to customers, and that its owners were charged with drug trafficking and prostitution.

“The investigation revealed that the defendants were involved in a number commercial sex acts, and were selling drugs in a drug house,” HPD spokesperson Sgt. Mark Stahl said in a statement.

“Officers were able to locate a number individuals and items in their possession that were related to prostitution, including items associated with the sale of drugs and prostitution.”HPD Chief William McManus said that an investigation into the allegations had been launched and that a search warrant had been obtained.

The department had not yet been able to comment on the raid.

The raid comes as an inquiry into allegations of sex trafficking is underway in Houston.

In August, Houston’s mayor announced that he was launching a “consultation” with the Houston Police Foundation to “address the issue of sex slavery”.

“This is a problem that we are facing.

This is an issue that we must address,” Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters.

“And we must get this right.”

The HPD’s raid comes after an investigation was launched last year into allegations that a woman was selling drugs at the business, which had been operating since 2007.

The HMP was founded in the early 1990s and was one of the first sex-trafficking rings to open up in Houston, and was founded by a woman named Donna, who was reportedly known as “The Princess”.

She was convicted of trafficking a minor for sex in 1997 and was sentenced to six years in prison.

In the early 2000s, Donna was convicted again for trafficking a girl in exchange for drugs.

In that case, she was sentenced in 2011 to six months in prison and two years probation.

Donna is currently serving a sentence of eight years in federal prison for the same crime.

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