How to avoid being the next Trump target

A New York Times article has revealed a slew of Republican politicians are being targeted by a far-right conspiracy to take their party out of office.

According to the report, which was obtained by The Hill, the so-called ‘Trump Trumps’ are working to make it more difficult for elected Republicans to run for office in 2018.

In one example, the conspiracy is targeting a group of House members in Georgia who were elected in 2017 and plan to use the power of the state legislature to stop them from running.

While the conspiracy hasn’t been proven, the effort appears to have been inspired by the efforts of the Republican National Committee, which has been working on a list of members who should be removed from the race.

The Georgia election is one of several that are underway across the country to see whether any party can regain control of Congress after Democrats swept control of the House and Senate in November.

The Hill story comes as Trump’s own White House has come under fire from Democrats who are pushing for an investigation into whether his team colluded with Russia to interfere in the election and is now being blamed for the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 people.

The report by the Times, which is based on interviews with several current and former White House officials, also revealed that Trump’s team is also trying to block a potential Supreme Court nominee who would oversee an investigation of the president’s ties to Russia.

The president’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned last week after a series of revelations about his contacts with Russia, is on the list.

Trump, who has also been criticized for his response to the Las Vegas shooting, has said the shooting was a “stupid” act and that the shooter was mentally ill.

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