Golf clubs, golf clubs are in the spotlight, golf club owners reveal

Golf clubs are at the forefront of the debate over what constitutes an “adult sport” in Australia.

The country’s adult golf club codes are so strict that they are considered “adult sports” by the federal government, and so it is up to clubs to abide by them.

One of the biggest problems is that clubs are often run by people who do not understand the sport and have not even played it, say some of the owners of some of Australia’s biggest golf clubs.

The owners of the Country’s best golf clubs spoke to News24 on the condition of anonymity because they are fearful of the consequences if they speak out.

The owners said that in Australia, people often don’t know what “adult” means, and have no idea how serious the issue is.

“There are many clubs that do not have a policy,” one of the founders of Country’s Golf Club, David Macdonald, told News24.

“I have been in golf for 30 years, and I have not seen any club that does not have an adult policy.”

I do not think it is fair to have people who have never played a golf course before being put in charge of a golf club.

“Club owners have raised the issue with their federal government counterparts, saying they do not want to be labelled as “adult clubs” when it comes to regulations.”

The government wants to be fair to the industry and say that this is an industry that has grown over time,” Mr Macdonald said.”

So it is important to them that the clubs are run according to what is best for the industry, and we want to have a fair discussion with them about this.

“”They should recognise that golf is not a sports event, it is a recreational activity,” he said.’

Too many people playing too many games’Country’s Golf club’s founder, David, says there is a lack of understanding about what constitutes “adult games” by federal politicians and clubs.”

I don’t think that is a problem,” he continued.””

The industry is really in a grey area in terms of what constitutes ‘adult games’,” he said, adding that he has heard from clubs that they do accept kids under 16, and that they have a “culture of the club”.

“I don’t think that is a problem,” he continued.

Mr Macdonald has also spoken to golf clubs about the need for a change to the club code. “

We have an older group of people, and the club does not cater specifically to them.”

Mr Macdonald has also spoken to golf clubs about the need for a change to the club code.

Club members, who are predominantly young people, have also told News28 that they feel that it is not being done right, and do not support the “casual club mentality”.

“The people who are in charge are the same as the club itself, and it is very difficult for the clubs to move forward,” he explained.

“They are very much a small group, and they don’t want to lose their position.”‘

It’s not just a problem with young people’Club founder, Dave, agrees that the club is struggling with the issue of a lack a code of conduct.

“Young people, they just don’t understand how serious this is,” he told News27.

“If they have been playing golf for a long time, they have had a great experience with their golf courses, and many clubs in the country have great courses that are great for their young people to learn, and then they come to a golf game, and there is no code.”

Then they are not going to understand what is really going on, and this is what the clubs need to get right.

“Country’s founder said that clubs have been approached by the Federal Government to amend their code, but that it would not happen without significant support from the golf community.

Mr Mcdonald and Mr Macdonas also spoke to the ABC about the issues they have encountered, and how they would like to see the codes changed in the future.

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