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Clubbed fingers is the world’s most dangerous clubbing scene

The world’s deadliest clubbing has a new twist: The clubbed fingers clubbing site has a special name.The site in Miami, Fla., is now known as the Clubbed Fingers of Miami.Clubbed fingers are dangerous because of the way they’re designed to cause the fingers to wrap around a club’s handlebar and

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Which hair salon will take you to the stars?

The best hair salon in the world.Read more article The hair salon is not just a place for the masses, but it also has some truly unique offerings for those who enjoy a bit of drama.The salon is open for business from 8am to 6pm and is located at the

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Which Strip Club is the Most Porn Starly?

Now Playing: The real story behind the mysterious man at the center of Trump Tower shooting Now Playing The real life story behind Trump Tower Shooting Now Playing ‘I didn’t know it was a real estate company’ after Trump Tower shootings Now Playing Trump Tower’s owner says he’s OK with

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How to play golf at a cost of $1,500 per month: Sam’s Club

There’s a good chance you don’t even know what a Sam’s club is.You know it’s a club for adults, but what exactly is it?And how much does it cost?Here are a few things you should know:The Sam’sClub Club is the nation’s largest golf club chain, with more than 200 clubs

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Why is the Pokemon Trainer Club not the winner?

If you think the Pokemon trainer club is the best club, you haven’t seen anything yet.But a lot of people still think it is.The Pokemon Trainer’s Club is the #1 ranking of all clubs.But as the #2 ranking, the club is not the top club.The club, according to the website

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How to find your dream wedding venue

The best places to buy a wedding venue in the US can vary widely.If you’re planning a wedding at a location like the Chico, Calif., home of Beyonce, you may be surprised to find it costs upwards of $1.5 million.But if you’re looking to have a big event, the cheapest

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